Verizon or Comcast Which One to Choose?

Verizon or Comcast: Which One to Choose?

Verizon or Comcast: Which One to Choose?

Are you looking for a service provider that offers home phone, broadband and cable TV all bundled up together? There are a lot of companies that specialize in these services, but Verizon and Comcast are the two major service providers in the U.S.

Both Verizon and Comcast offer broadband, cable TV and home phone at a discount if you bundle all these services together. But which one is better and, more importantly, which of them will suit you best?

Compare Verizon FiOS and Comcast XFINITY provides an independent comparison of Verizon FiOS vs. Comcast XFINITY, and has in-depth reviews of their broadband, cable TV and landline packages. Take a look at the comparison matrix, read the reviews, and make up your mind which company works for you.

Comparison matrix

Features Verizon FiOS Comcast XFINITY


50+ HD choices OK OK
Local channels OK OK
On Demand local channels Not OK OK
3D programs OK OK
Free On Demand library OK OK


High speed OK OK
Number of email accounts 9 7
Amount of free Web space 10MB 2GB
Online TV choices OK OK
Security suite Not OK OK


Unlimited nationwide calls OK OK
Voicemail OK OK
Caller ID OK OK


Money-back guarantee OK OK
24/7 live customer support OK OK